Book Clubs At Sea


Book Clubs at Sea’s main goal is to give African Americans authors more access to the purchasing public by providing selling opportunities on board cruise ships traveling the globe. To accomplish this, we offer book readings and book signings on ships traveling to worldwide destinations.

Carnival Cruise lines will host the next Book Clubs at Sea voyage. The dates of the cruise are scheduled for February 10 – 17th, 2018. We hope to see you on board!

For Authors

I invite you to participate in one of the greatest promotional ideas that will certainly add to your readership.
Join me for a Southern Caribbean Cruise on Feb 10th to Feb 17th as we celebrate Black History Month.

  • Sell your books to an International audience
  • Sell where people love to read... On a Cruise!
  • Sell your books while you enjoy exotic destinations

For Book Clubs and Groups

I invite you to the Ultimate Book Club Experience! Join me in a 7 day Southern Caribbean Cruise where you can have a close, personal relationship with the author.

  • Enjoy the Fun of a Carnival Cruise
  • Enjoy book reading, Book Talks, and Chats with the author
  • Enjoy a 7 Day unforgettable Cruise at a low group rate
  • Cruise Free with your group!

Featured Author

H. Victoria Hargro Atkerson

Founder of Book Clubs at Sea, H. Victoria has five published books and two new books that will be released in time for the Valentine’s sailing. She will host the cruise and conduct workshops on writing with other authors and for passengers on the ship who dare to take up the mantle. Victoria is an Atlanta native, living in Philadelphia where she enjoys quilting, baking, fishing, and large family gatherings.

Victoria’s Two New Books, WRITING THROUGH MY LIFE AND GEMMA. “My latest book ENSLAVED & GEMMA (TO BE RELEASED THIS YEAR) are on Slavery which entailed a great deal of travel and research, which is my favorite challenges in writing, using history as the backdrop of my stories.”